Sustainable Futures for Higher Education

President to President is a higher education thought leadership series written by university presidents for university presidents. Each year, the series focuses on a different aspect of the higher education experience. The 2023-2024 edition of President to President, titled “Sustainable Futures for Higher Education,” offers a thoughtful examination of how sustainability and its many facets will impact the future of the higher education.

Today’s students are on the frontline of a global climate crisis. Environmental ethics and sustainable human progress are big priorities in their lives, and they expect their campus to align with these values. Adapting responsible business practices and strategies allows colleges and universities to meet students’ needs while also creating lasting impacts that ensure their long-term success both in their own community and as global citizens.We have all asked how long it will take to emerge from these unusual times, and the answer is: as long as it takes. By asking the right questions, we will not only recover but grow stronger; and by taking a holistic view of campus culture, enrollment and retention, finances, and legacy, we will focus on all of the moments and experiences that make time spent in higher education meaningful and long-lasting. 

This future outlook requires a solid strategy, backed by data, in order to successfully support our people, businesses, government, and environment. This year’s President to President series explores the environmental priorities of 10 presidents and their campus strategies for a sustainable future driven by changemaking insights.

Each chapter of President to President is authored by a renowned higher education leader driving innovative philosophies for a competitive institutional edge. For 19 years, Scott D. Miller, Ph.D., and Marylouise Fennell, Ed.D., co-piloted as Executive Editors. Following Dr. Fennell's passing in October 2022, Dr. Miller is now continuing the series in 2023 with new Assistant Editors Katelyn M. Sanders, Pharm.D., and Kelly R. Cordova, M.B.A.

Each month, one chapter will be distributed and promoted electronically, as well as posted on www.president2president.com. At the end of the series, the foreword and chapters will be published into a thought-provoking collection and made available as a reference resource.