Ten Challenges Facing Higher Education: Shaping the Student Experience

President to President is a higher education-focused thought leadership series written by university presidents for university presidents. The 2018-2019 edition of President to President, titled “Ten Challenges Facing Higher Education: Shaping the Student Experience,” focuses on how colleges and universities are addressing myriad challenges and explores how these factor into the student experience—both now and into the future.

Each chapter of President to President is authored by a notable thought leader whose institution is at the forefront of innovative philosophies and practices that give their institution competitive advantage. Frequently published higher education authors Scott D. Miller, Ph.D., and Marylouise Fennell, Ed.D., serve as editors for this series. Each month, one chapter will be distributed and promoted electronically, as well as posted on www.president2president.com. At the end of the series, the foreword and chapters will be published into a thought-provoking collection on the topic and made available as a reference resource.