About the Authors

Authors from the 2023/2024 series, “Sustainable Futures for Higher Education.”

Christopher L. Holoman, Ph.D.

President, Centenary College of Louisiana

Ronald S. Rochon, Ph.D.

President, University of Southern Indiana 

Stanton F. McNeely III, Ed.D.

President, University of Holy Cross

Sandra S. Harper, Ph.D.

President, McMurry University

Andrea Chapdelaine, Ph.D.

President, Hood College

Alisa White, Ph.D.

President, Sam Houston State University

Frank Shushok, Jr., Ph.D.

President, Roanoke College

Robert L. Jackson, Ed.D.

President, Murray State University

Isiaah Crawford, Ph.D.

President, University of Puget Sound

Keith E. Whitfield, Ph.D.

President, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Sean Creighton, Ph.D.

President, New American Colleges and Universities and Washington Internship Institute