August 16, 2018

With the average tenure of college and university presidents dropping to 6.5 yearsi and the scope of challenges faced by leaders in higher education expanding, the college presidency has been described by some as “the toughest job in the nation.”ii

Chapter 1: Free Speech and Inclusive Learning Communities

September 05, 2018

During my lengthy academic career, the higher education sector has witnessed significant disruption and change—from violent protests over what were believed to be unjust wars, to the desegregation of Southern colleges and universities, to affirmative action challenges decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Chapter 2: From Risk to Reinvention and Revival: Return on Athletics

October 03, 2018

Risk is characterized by uncertainty – that an event may or may not happen – and undesirable outcomes or loss.

Chapter 3: Where Have All the “College Kids” Gone? The Changing Face of the Collegiate Student Body

October 31, 2018

“College kids” is a phrase beloved by lawmakers working on higher education policy and reporters covering campus life. 

Chapter 4: The Case for Sustainability: Challenges and Opportunities

December 06, 2018

Given all of the challenges university presidents face today, focusing on sustainability might seem like a luxury few have time for.